Eliminating NOx, SOx & Particulate in Rail Transportation

The Exhaust emissions from diesel trains in North America are said to be the equivalent of pollution from 200 of the largest U.S. power stations. Over the coming years new pollution regulations around the world will mean that train operators have to either replace their existing locomotive engines -a costly prospect- or to treat the emissions at source.

Enspirit® has been developed to allow the easy addition of on-train treatment and will remove in excess of 90% of all Particulates plus >99.9% of SO2 and up to 90% of NOx.

Diesel emissions include ultra-fine particles as well as NOx & SOx gases from engine combustion.
A lare proportion of the particulates have 'diameters' that are typically below 0.5 micron and are very difficult to remove.

The NOx gases are emitted from diesel locomotives in many hundreds of ppm and are 'pound for pound' 240 times more damaging as green-house gases than CO2.

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