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TURBOSCRUBBER (video clip)- FTL/Osprey's TurboScrubber® breakthrough fluid bed technology, the unrivalled system for mass transfer, heat transfer and simultaneous fine particulate removal
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TURBOSTRIPPER - FTL/Osprey's TurboStripper® breakthrough fluid bed technology, the unrivalled system for 100% non-clogging high efficiency desorption and stripping.
ENSPIRIT - EU funded Project to develop & market a containerised system for Diesel Locomotive emissions clean up. Product available in early 2016.
NORAM - global technology and engineering solutions for the process and resource industries including pulp & paper, sulfuric acid, nitrates & environmental systems.

CONSULTING - Chemistry, chemical & environmental engineering consultancy & expert witness service.

FTL/Osprey & partners with their combined team of chemists & engineers offer a wide range of gas, liquid & solid problem solving skills whether for environmental, energy & product recovery or process debottlenecking. (Ref list)

SCRUBMASTER - A diagnostic and/or design software programme to aid process engineering designers or plant operators to upgrade existing scrubbing and absorption towers.

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