The TurboStripper - 100% Non-clogging Air Stripping Technology Back
Breakthrough Air Stripping Technology
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Exclusive TurboStripper™ Advantages

  • 100% Non-Clogging
  • Low Profile Units Available
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easily addaptable for Off-Gas Treatment
  • High Removal Rates of VOC's, Semi-Volatiles and Napthalenes
To accomodate your specific site requirements and height limitations, the TurboStripper is available in Low Profile (LP), Low (L) or High (H) Options
A 500 GPM airport site Trailer-Mounted model with Off Gass Treatment option.
A Complete Turn-key System including:Building Enclosure, Control Room, Dual TurboStrippers and Off Gas Treatment Typical Skid-Mounted Low Profile (LP) TurboStripper. (Control panle optional)
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